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Canyoing in Greece

"Krete" is mountainous and divided by numerous canyons in the may 2019 on Greece's southern island of Crete. Many deep cuts move from inland to the coast and load to explore even with "E4" (the longest European walking route) a signposted hiking trails. The uniqueness of the Cretan gorges is that these often artistically formed by torrential water flows and provide a scenic extraordinary spectacle. And sometimes, you must climb. Ingrid and Michael were wandering, partly creeping, sometimes climbing is on the way.

On the fishermen's trail on the West coast of the Algarve

In the March 2019, Michael ten days solo sailing on w wasone of the best ahrscheinlich coastal paths of the world. The "Fischer path" or "fishermen's trail" is part of the Rota Vicentina on the South-West coast of Portugal. Always on the Atlantic coast along, following the routes, local residents use to reach the beaches and fishing spots. A very sandy path that is accessible only on foot, leads the cliffs along and is physically very demanding - in constant contact with wind and sea, the abruptness of the coastal landscape and its wild nature. The fishermen's path include four stages and five connecting routes with a total 125 kilometers through the Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina natural park. Accompanied by murmur of the sea and birds chirping the well-marked far hike over spectacular cliffs, passing sand dunes, coves, secluded beaches where one encounters a human except for fishermen and other hikers. They discovered the original Portugal and the wild beauty of the Atlantic coast. The fishermen's path is considered to be one of the most beautiful coastal walks in Europe, if not the world - and is as "Leading Quality Trail - Best of Europe" certified.  

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Unlimited Activities means to me: Experience by own power on all continents. By kayak through the Strait of Magellan, on skis across Greenland and down in the glacier caves of the inland ice - deeper than any man before. By sailing boat from Greenland to Iceland, by canoe into the Sahara, to the North Pole on skis, mountaineering in the Antarctic.

Unlimited Activities means one and a half thousand summits, many expeditions to the remotest wilderness areas of the world for the first time, alone and in team.

Unlimited Activities offers you 30.000 unique pictures, a dozen films and books, presentations, articles and Interviews.

Unlimited Activities is team training in the wilderness with exceptional results.

Have fun – Michael Vogeley

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