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Travelling is better than resting

With reindeer by the Laponian Heritage Area

Tasmania: Where the world is still wild

A picture story

On writer Robert Louis Stevenson's track

A journey with a donkey across the South French Cévennes

Consulting of a ZDF-team, 12th trip to Greenland

Diskobay – wonder of the nature

Travel diary: Michael Vogeley searches the challenge again

On cross-country skis and dogsledge across Greenland

Morocco – Operation Desert Ship

On wild waters into the Sahara

Greenland's wild Eastern Coast

Tunu means “Backside of the Country”

In search of Alabastar through the wilderness of the Lybic Desert mountains

With the Djeballahs to the white gold of the Pharaos

Ice caves in Greenland

Into icy dephts

Mountaineering in the Hoggar Mountains in the Sahara

Desert is primary rock

South Greenlandic Ketils Fjord in a folding kayak

From gigantic mountains through the street of the icebergs

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