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Michael Vogeley

Maxim: By own power

Mountaineer, Arctic researcher and dedicated extreme sportsman, he is not a man whom one could call a traditional adventurer.

In spite of many spectacular expeditions, this journalist never made adventure his profession. “Vogeley is an exception”.

His Nicknames “Manager on the Rocks”, “Arctic wolf”, “Dances on the Ice” reflect his position as one of the most succesful German-speaking adventurer.

Michael has been on spectacular expeditions under extreme climatic, physical and psychological conditions in the Arctic and the Antarctic, has established world records in ice caves, has undertaken prime ascents of summits and extreme faces, first sailings by kayak and led the first German North Pole ski expedition. But his passion concerns all forms of wilderness: mountains, ice, sea, white-water, desert…

Having had adventures on all continents, he uses this to drive his daily work as a successful journalist and has documented this in hundreds of publications and in many books and films. “The life sailing close to the wind increases pleasure in normal life and sets important activities for life and survival in the profession”.

He has lived with the natives of the Arctic, the Inuit, and is polar consultant and expedition leader of the DAV Summit Club. He passes on his experiences with extraordinary efficiency to enterprises and their staff in Outdoor Team Trainings. Self-imposed rules accompany his uncommon travels, expeditions and adventures pushing the limit.

Michael is as a journalist member of the following well known organisations

  • DJV – Deutscher Journalisten-Verband / Gewerkschaft der Journalistinnen und Journalisten
  • BJV – Bayrischer Journalisten-Verband
  • Vereinigung Deutscher Reisejournalisten e.V.
  • European Travel Press

By own power • with fair means • back to the roots

Travels, expeditions and records


Solo from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea on the Haute Randonée Pyrénéenne
View gallery

Tasmania: Where the world is still wild

A picture story
Read article (in German)   View gallery

On writer Robert Louis Stevenson's track

A journey with a donkey across the South French Cévennes
Read article (in German)   View gallery

Consulting of a ZDF-team, 12th trip to Greenland

Diskobay – wonder of the nature
Read article (in German)   View gallery


Wilderness as character school for managers and groups
View gallery


Exploration of Palay and Yap with cantilever boats
View gallery

South Georgia Island

In search of Shackletons tracks in the Antarctic
Read article (in German)   View gallery

2nd Greenland crossing

On cross-country skis and dogsledge across Greenland
Read article (in German)  


Kayak trip at the “End of the Rainbow”
Read article (in German)   View gallery


Leading the 1st canoe and mountain expedition
View gallery

Robinson Crusoe was a mountaineer, too

The wild islands of the Chilian Juan Fernandez Archipelago
Read article (in German)   View gallery

Challenge North Pole

Leading the 1st German North Pole ski expedition
Read article (in German)   View gallery

Dancing on the Volcano

Crossing Mount Etna on skis
Read article (in German)   View gallery

United Arab Emirates

Crossing of the Sand Desert
View gallery

Morocco – Operation Desert Ship

Canoe voyage to the Sahara
Read article (in German)   View gallery


Mountaineering on the Lofoten
Read article (in German)   View gallery


Trekking in Spitsbergen
View gallery

Canadian Baffin Island

Leading the first dog sledding and ski expedition across the Auyuittuq mountains
Read article (in German)   View gallery

Cape Horn area, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

1st kayak voyage across the South American Strait of Magellan
Read article (in German)   View gallery

Eastern Greenland

Leading the ski and dogsled trip
Read article (in German)   View gallery

Canadian Northwest Territories

Trekking on Baffin Island
View gallery

Uummanarsuaq – first attempts and ascents

Leading the jubilee climbing expedition of the Bayerland section of the DAV to Cape Farvel, Greenland
Read article (in German)   View gallery

Adventure South Seas

1st canoe expedition in the Andaman Sea
Read article (in German)   View gallery


Solo Ski expedition to the Magnetic North Pole
Read article (in German)   View gallery

South Greenland

1st solitary sailing by a folding kayak of the Ketils-Fjord
Read article (in German)   View gallery


Search for an Inka treasury in the Lake Titicaca
View gallery


1st European participant of the Alabaster caravan into the Lybian Desert
Read article (in German)   View gallery


Solo ski expedition to the Magnetic North Pole
View gallery


Honeymoon in an canoe on the Nile

Two depth world records

1st Greenland expedition into glacier ice caves. EC protectorate
Read article (in German)   View gallery

Crossing Greenland in 34 days with self-pulled sleds

1st ski expedition on the original track of Nansen, on the occasion of the 100 year jubilee
Read article (in German)   View gallery


Canoe tour through the South-Western Fjords of Greenland

Crossing of the Atlantic with a sailing boat from Greenland to Iceland

On the occasion of the 1000 year jubilee of the discovery of Greenland on the original Wiking route
View gallery

Western Greenland

Iceberg climbing in Diskobay
Read article (in German)   View gallery

Sahara, Algeria

Climbing in the Hoggar Mountains
Read article (in German)   View gallery


1st downhill run with a Mountain Bike on Germany's Highest Mountain, the Zugspitze


First ski-tours in the Turkish Taurus Mountains


1st Crossing of the Spanish Sierra Nevada on skis

North Sea

Winter crossing of the North Sea with a sailboat

Swedish Lappland

1st touristic winter crossing of the Sarek Mountains on skis


Mountaineering on the five thousand meter high Demavend, highest mountain of Iran

Ski-crossing of the High Atlas, Morocco

First navigation of the Southern Couloir of the south couloir of Ouanoukrim

Commentaries of the Press

  • A very special travel editor
    Vereinigung Deutscher Reisejournalisten
  • Manager on the rocks – Manager in the ice
  • Arctic explorer, mountaineer and dedicated extreme sportsman
  • The one playing with his life
  • World champion about ice
    DAV Summit
  • Arctic wolf from the Wörthsee
  • From the ice with love – brings the brilliance [of the arctic] closer in words an pictures
    Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Vogeley makes a name for border crossing in the Arctic
    Spiegel Reporter
  • An outstanding leader
    Fit for Fun
  • The Canadiens must have had envisaged somebody like Vogeley when they coined the idea ‘arctic bitten’
  • A horn of plenty of information
  • Fascinated by the unexplored
    (Münchner Merkur)
  • Arktic man of honour
    Langenmüller Herbig Nymphenburger
  • The experienced German polar expert
    FFF Abenteuer Guide
  • Not a man whom one could call a traditional adventurer
  • Simply the best
    Arktis Verlag
  • I have never seen such a fine and correct description before
    (Gunnar Jensen, Arctic Expeditions Adviser)
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